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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Now the namesake of this blog truly comes to fruition. We have moved to the South Side of Pittsburgh. I am loving every minute I spend here! I barely need my car most of the week, which is great! I can walk to the grocery store, a pharmacy, coffee shops, restaurants, night life, I even recently walked to a copy center just a couple of blocks away. It is all right here and just as I have always hoped for.

I have just over a week until "the beginning" or "the end" depending on how you want to look at it. Work starts on the last day of this sultary month of July. Alas, real world here I come.

What have we learned since we moved in? The biggest thing that I can pass along is do not expect QUALITY SERVICE if you are a paying customer, sometimes you have to ask for it. If this means you have to get down right demanding on the phone, then do so!

Case in point (Steph has been a superstar at this):
We ordered a sofa well before we moved in. We opted for the model with a sleeper bed inside. Knowing that this would weigh a great deal, I was fully expecting to hear loud grunts and explicatives emanating from the three flights of stairs that it had to travel up upon the arrival of the delivery guys. No such occurrence, the two men came bouncing in full of energy and seemingly unphased - I was phased, I noticed it was not the sleeper! Not a big deal, they would contact the store where we had purchased it and they would send another while the one delivered would remain with us until then.

They called later that day and wanted to deliver it the following week (while Steph and I were at the beach). Steph's mom graciously volunteered to come up from the Morgantown area to be here on that Friday when the sofa was the be replaced. The day came and Steph received a phone call that there was something wrong with the piece and that they would have to deliver another one and it could be there the following day.

We rushed home from the beach and while doing so (about 5-6 hours away from Pittsburgh) the delivery people called and wanted to drop it off sooner than when we could be there. Steph was told that if she could not receive it then, she would not be able to until the following weekend (we would be gone again) or the following (same story). Over the course of several phone calls and ultimately asking for a supervisor she made her stand that she had paid for the sofa and it was supposed to have be delivered on two prior occasions, all problems were not her fault.

They made it work.
It arrived that day.
There were grunts in the stairwell.


  • Bet you won't write on this bad boy anymore when August rolls around....
    -Ur fav. family member...ur loving sister!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:06 PM  

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