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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Whirlwind of emotions over the last couple of days. Commencement went off without a proverbial hitch. A lot of family and several friends came in from both in and out of town. I had the opportunity to reflect on just how blessed I am to have so many loved ones who are willing to travel so far (read: barring the price of gas) to see me walk across a stage (or in the big ceremony, simply stand up). It meant so much to have them all here. Each person who came to the events of this past weekend made sacrifices so that they could celebrate with me, I don't think I can overemphasize just how special that is.

Currently I am in a rather purgatorious state. No longer in school, no living in my own rented space, working a part time job. Not all is negative, however, I have had much opportunity to relax and enjoy friendships and family. This will kind of be my story for the next few weeks.

We did a recon mission this past Tuesday to Ikea in the 'burgh. We found some simple items that we are in need of (stemware) and perused some other potential purchases. If you haven't been to this Scandinavian Mecca, do yourself a favor and prepared to be overwhelmed.


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