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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Lesson #1: Buying a Mattress

Yesterday we went to hunt for a mattress. The first two mattresses that were shown to us were the best ones in the entire store (typical). Eventually one was decided upon (thanks to a referral from someone else in the store that Stephanie knew, and they gave us the price that they paid for it $750). We talked with the salesman a little about some of the options in the store and mentioned the one that we liked. He told us it would run around $770, and that there was one left in a Parkersburg store. We were about to leave (to search for our other options). The salesman wanted to know why we wouldn't want the one, and we told him the price was a little more than what we were wanting to pay (around $600). He said that he wanted to check one more time, and came back with a price of $625. Eventually it was decided that this was a good price for what was being bought, and at that, $125 less than what the previous customer had paid.

Dr. Neidermeyer's (my personal finance professor) advice on buying a car applied here. He said to simply ask, “What is the lowest cash price for the car (mattress)?” If the price is not right, then you leave. $770 was not right, so we were going to leave...$625 was right.

Other advice received on buying a mattress:
-BUY A GOOD ONE, it will last for a while
-You don't need to pay more than $600 for a Queen Sized
-Look for previous models of current models
-Be careful of extra thickness in the Mattress, you might spend more on the sheets
-Softer beds are better for side sleepers
-Buy a good mattress cover - ANY type of a stain will void a warranty

Thanks to Steph's mom, Steph's stepmother, my dad and assorted salespersons for the advice above.


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